03 November 2010

There is nothing simple about Simple Daisy

I am generally all about decorating my home.  It is my passion and the reason for my blog (I've got to release some of this obsession). But Heather, the creative genius behind Simple Daisy posted a beautiful turquoise bracelet on her facebook page the other day and I fell in love. I thought, "hey, my body is my temple too".  I can decorate myself, just as I do my home.

Each of her beach inspired jewelry pieces are one of a kind and hand-made.  We take for granted the pride, effort and time in hand-made items.  Please support Heather and others that share their creativity with us in their hand-made creations.

Shop Simple Daisy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/simpledaisy
Visit her blog: http://www.simpledaisy.blogspot.com/

Rough Seas Turquoise Bracelet $38

Splashing Waves in the Sea Pearl Bracelet $28

Tidal Pool Necklace $38

27 October 2010

Coastal Accent Ideas

I find myself holding onto my Pottery Barn catalogs.  Not necessarily for their products, but their incredible creativity of accessorizing.  Here are a few of my favorite ideas (why didn't I think of them).

Rope wrapped umbrella pole.  Such a simple thing, but a WOW nautical accent.  I don't think I could ever live with a plain wooden pole again.

Rope wrapped beverage bucket.  Love this idea! 

The combination of the natural shells and black and white photos, give a vintage, coastal cottage feel. I think the impact really comes from the grouping of shells.  Just one or two, would get lost. 

We all have baskets around.  I think this is a great way to use them in the bathroom.  Love the rolled towels and the glass jars with sea sponges and Q-tips.

In attempting to display my seashells, I've discovered there is definitely an art form to it.  They have a tendency to look a bit cluttered.  I love the layering of the trays, coral and shells.  Now this I can do.

What are some of your favorites coastal accents?  Please feel free to share them.

14 October 2010

A Light Touch. Subtle, Beach decor style from Coastal Living Magazine

Finally, an afternoon to just relax with my October issue of Coastal Living. I was so thrilled to see designer Susan Ferrier featured in the "A Light Touch" design. As a fan of her interiors and sense of style, once again, she did not disappoint.  A modern, subtle, beach decor style is just what I love. I think she said it best "..the decor doesn't always have to be beachy with a capital B to instill that relaxed, calming vibe everyone wants...".  I want some of this design.  Let's see if I can recreate at least one of them.

I love the palm tree seed branchs and glass balls in this photo. So simple, yet so elegant. I think this would look great on a buffet table.

I didn't have any luck locating the branches, but I thought some Manzanita branches may work as a good substitute. I found a great selection at Nettleton Hollow (http://www.nettletonhollow.com/).  Here is a direct link to their Manzanita Branch selection: http://www.nettletonhollow.com/manzanita-nat-project.html?gclid=CN_fn6Cj06QCFTRa7Aodi1kqIg

I found the glass balls, which are actually glass floats at Seaside Inspired (http://www.seasideinspired.com/).  I figure since they were listed by Coastal Living as a "Fabulous Online-Only Store", I'd take a peek.  I struck beach decor heaven AND found these floats!  Here is a direct link to their Sea Fog Glass Floats: http://www.seasideinspired.com/3335_sea_fog_glass_float.htm.

The vase appears to have the texture of birch.  I found it at Viva Terra, but it's sold out. I thought I could get some birch bark and spray paint it a metallic silver to re-create the look.  Or, just buy something similar. I found one at Bloomingdales (http://www.bloomingdales.com/).  Here's a direct link (and its on sale):

Here's a room I could definitely lounge in and entertain in:

I think the wood stump tables, make this room.  I found a similar table at West Elm (http://www.westelm.com/).  Here is the direct link: http://www.westelm.com/products/natural-tree-stump-side-table-f655/?pkey=ccoffee-side-tables

Love the coral accent too.  I found a huge selection at Seaside Inspired (http://www.seasideinspired.com/).  Here is a direct link to all of their coral: http://www.seasideinspired.com/coral_decor.htm

The ottoman with the throw and a few books invite me to sit back, relax and browse through some books or magazines.

This kitchen is a dream.  I love the driftwood inspiration, texture and color variations.  This definitely gets added to the "wish book".

You can see and enjoy the entire article in the October, 2010 Coastal Living magazine.  Or, here is a direct link to the article:  http://www.coastalliving.com/homes/decorating/neutral-decorating-ideas-00414000068581/

What was your favorite in this issue? Please feel free to share.

10 October 2010

A love of all things coastal, has inspired me to share my passion with others.  I have created this blog to offer my findings, ideas and inspiration with everyone that lives on the coast or loves the feeling of being near the water.

Design ideas and inspiration; product and store findings; recipes and giveaways may be found here. 

If you find something that inspires you, please feel free to share it with me. Or, if you are just looking for a little inspiration, please stop by anytime, and enjoy The Coastal View.
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