03 November 2010

There is nothing simple about Simple Daisy

I am generally all about decorating my home.  It is my passion and the reason for my blog (I've got to release some of this obsession). But Heather, the creative genius behind Simple Daisy posted a beautiful turquoise bracelet on her facebook page the other day and I fell in love. I thought, "hey, my body is my temple too".  I can decorate myself, just as I do my home.

Each of her beach inspired jewelry pieces are one of a kind and hand-made.  We take for granted the pride, effort and time in hand-made items.  Please support Heather and others that share their creativity with us in their hand-made creations.

Shop Simple Daisy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/simpledaisy
Visit her blog: http://www.simpledaisy.blogspot.com/

Rough Seas Turquoise Bracelet $38

Splashing Waves in the Sea Pearl Bracelet $28

Tidal Pool Necklace $38

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