04 March 2011

adopt - a sea mammal - this weekend

I'm a huge animal lover, mammals included.

I also love giving gifts. And for those that "have everything" I thought a gift
adoption was a perfect gift, especially for these ocean loving creatures.

The Dolphin Research Center (DRC).
Adopt a Dolphin

The DRC is a not-for-profit education and research facility, home to a family of
Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions.

Adopt this handsome sea lion     Adopt this beautiful dolphin

For $15 you will receive an adoption certificate for the dolphin or sealife of your
choice along with a one year web access to the Members only section of their website and e-newsletter.  Click here.

They have additional membership levels and gift memberships available. You can
visit the DRC website at http://www.dolphins.org/

Ocean Conservation Society
Adopt a Dolphin

You can support the important research, conservation and protection of dolphins
in Los Angeles coastal waters by becoming a foster parent and “adopting”
a bottlenose dolphin.

Your donation will include a photo of your adopted dolphin and dates of sightings,
for your dolphin(love this).

The dolphins they have available for adoption are just a few of the individuals that
the Los Angeles Dolphin Project has already photo-identified as seasonal residents
of the Santa Monica Bay. You can adopt them into your family and help them
remain healthy and safe with a tax-deductible minimum donation of $50.00.

Unlike other adoption programs where donations are used to cover administrative costs, your donation will go entirely toward on the water dolphin research. 

Visit the Ocean Conservation Society and adopt your dolphin. http://www.oceanconservation.org/involved/adopt.htm

Save the Manatee
Adopt a Manatee

These manatees have a face every mother could love. 

Select a manatee from the adoption program to match your personality or the personality of someone you love.

Click here to see the Manatees available for adoption

Membership starts at just $25 and includes an adoption certificate, photo and biography of "your" manatee.  See their memberships here or visit their website at http://www.savethemanatee.org/default.html

Adopt a Sea Turtle

You may select your sea turtle (photos available), gender and even Country.  Visit their adoption page here.

Adopt a Coral
Florida Keys


Adopt a Coral is a volunteer based Coral Reef Restoration Program in the Florida Keys.

Each adopter will receive a personalized certificate of adoption and photograph of a specific coral. Photos and measurement updates will be emailed at least twice during the adoption year. The adopter may assign a personal on-line name to the adopted coral and will have access to a set of sharable links for inviting friends and family to watch the coral grow.

You can even receive the GPS coordinates of your coral, so you could take a little snorkel or scuba va-cay to visit your adopted coral.

I think this is a wonderful gift, especially as a memorial to a loved one.

View their adoption programs here.  Or visit their website at http://coralrestoration.org/

Do you have any favorite adoption organizations?  Please feel free to share them. The more the merrier!

Have a great weekend!


simpledaisy said...

Oh wow....what a fabulous idea!!!!
I'll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

sealaura said...

what a great idea!

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